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5 years.

This past weekend Triple Point Cohousing celebrated our 5 year anniversary!  It has been a whirlwind of a time and we welcome all of the new neighbors who are bringing life to the neighborhood.  Welcome to Actual Cafe, Tribu Cafe, Compound Art Gallery, Aquarius Cafe (affectionately known to us as the ‘Coming Soon’ Cafe), Farley’s, Professor Squirrel, Chile Jalapeno’s, our new neighbors in the condos on San Pablo and anyone else we may have missed.

Triple Pointers have been working on enjoying life and laying low.  Over the past couple of years we have thoroughly enjoyed group and personal development, led by Tree Bressen, and Oren Sofer.  Their help in sharing facilitation and communication skills with us has been invaluable.

Upcoming Development meeting on 1122 65th Street

After having been to the Design Review Committee the project at 1122 65th Street will be back at the main Planning Commission on January 9th. Visit the City of Oakland site for more information on the meeting agenda.

East Bay Cohousing Opportunity

You are invited to an open house...

Sunday, November 5, 2006, 2:00 PM

Dimond Cohousing Potential Site
3000 Nicol Ave. Apt. 1 and 3
Oakland , CA 94602

you are invited to come and celebrate community at this open house:
To turn this apartment building into a cohousing community in the
next 6 months!

Yes, the building is still a diamond in the rough: still needs to be
made beautiful - with your ideas! Please come and look at the inside
of the townhouses, and the possible
common space.

We'll have delicious refreshments and scintillating conversations
about cohousing!

So, i have this fantasy....

ask the people who know me: my fantasies tend to be good ones. and
they tend to come true. and they tend to include plenty of people. and
those people tend to be very happy!

this is a fantasy about living together with the people we enjoy - but
not too close together: close enough to have fun together easily
without driving or planning way ahead. but still have your own house
that is all yours and is private. you can keep your very own kitchen
as clean or not clean as you like. you will not be cleaning anyone
else's bathroom, or fighting over who does. this is not intentional
community, it is not a commune: it is an intentional neighborhood.

i would love to have my own completely normal house to live in, to
work in, to be solitary in. and then, whenever i feel sociable, walk
outside into the common courtyard and hang out in the hot tub, at the
picnic table, by the barbeque. catch up on how a friend's
day is going, on news about cool things going on in the larger world,
join the cuddle puppy pile in the common house living room, trade a
massage, .
would you love to have a house like that too?

* a cohousing community!
* a special alternative co-housing community for all of us who love
community, dance, art, compassionate communication, burning man, HAI
[Human Awareness Institute] as well as financial stability and
security and wise investment.

sounds too good to be true, doesn't it:
and yet: we can really do it right here and right now!

Blank Space Gallery

Blank Space Gallery is right around the corner from Triple Point CoHousing and is part of the Oakland Art Murmur. Check it out!

megan walker

I moved to the bay area in 2000 from Vancouver, BC, because I loved the strength and love of the community here, and the amazing things these people could do when they worked together to create something with more than just themselves in mind. For my day job, i am a landscape architect and planner, with a strong desire to design places that foster community, as well as heal the environment and of course be beautiful.
I am now a firm believer in the power of just putting out there what you want. I’ve been interested in cohousing for years, and saw it as a natural evolution of the community I found in the bay area. I just had no idea it would be one short year (or so) between putting out an email, to moving in! Thanks to everyone that gave the idea momentum, jumped in feet/heart/head first, signed mortgages, loaned money, and just made owning my own home a reality. I further intrenched my faith in going after what I want when I went to the Friends and Family campout in 2005, after telling Kim that I would meet some rich guy there if she won the lottery. I fell in love in 8 hours, and Robert moved in to the new house with me 2 crazy months later. Ok, so he’s not rich, but he sure helps pay the mortgage and he knows how to fix gas lines. Even if Kim had won the lottery, I still would think I got the better part of the deal. Hmmm, although maybe I should turn my materialization powers to winning the lottery too…

The Yoga Cottage

It’s right around the corner from us! Classes throughout the week…… it’s delightful to walk down the street- and you don’t even have to bring your own mat!

Scott Nelson Windels

I’m the one that was supposed to be a banker or President when I grew up. Instead I turned into a computer geek raver, who learned the value of building community from the ground up. I treasure friends, family and positive people. During the day I play Director of Operations for a tech night. At night I play a father and husband, opposite two wonderful co-stars, Kalen and Curly.

Ironworks Yoga Schedule

The local climbing gym, Berkeley Ironworks, has yoga classes all week long. It includes Hatha, Ashtanga and Beginning Yoga classes by a number of different teachers. Here’s the schedule…

Deal Closes!!

From: Megan Walker
Date: September 8, 2005 11:29:22 AM PDT
To: Cohousing List
Cc: Subject: [Cohousing] homeowners!

The last property closed yesterday, and Scott/Curly/Kalen, Swoops & Molly,
Goolie, Jacob & Kim, Me, and George Chan are deeply deeply deeply in


The move-in of the Bay Area’s newest cohousing group starts with me as
soon as next weekend. Get those lifting muscles warming up – there’s 6
households packing to move within the next couple of months.

Don’t wear yourselves out all at once though – there’s a few years of
barn-raising work parties to come.



(lets see, green in the bedroom, red in the living room…)

We find another potential possibility

From: Kim McCoy Wade
Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2005 8:36 PM
To: Cohousing List
Subject: New possibility…

Diane just called about a new, unique property that she says is perfect for
cohousing and possibly right for us — here’s the scoop:

It’s 8 houses/cottages, on 4 side-by-side lots, in Oakland, right on the
Emeryville and Berkeley border.  The address is 1115-1129 65th Street (cross
San Pablo).  Diane says she’s never seen anything like it — the units are
all individual houses, ringing the perimeter of the space, with some open
space in the middle, and definitely some yard.

Best of all, the owner has not listed it, but has called Diane as cohousing
expert to see if she can put together a group of people to just buy it from
them directly.  Some of the current tenants may be interested in buying and
Diane may know some other folks, to get the group to 8.  (If this can’t
happen, they’ll divide the property into the 4 lots and put them each on

The neighborhood is totally changing — it seems light industrial to us,
with warehouses and live/work lofts on rest of block (the only other
single-family houses are a couple directly across the street).  In one
direction is San Pablo Ave, where the abandoned donut shop is currently
being replaced by new live/work lofts.  To the other direction is the cut
through to the Emeryville movie theatre, with new lofts, some hip
warehouse-type workplaces, and a Starbucks you can walk to already in.

Diane said she immediately thought of us, and encouraged us to go over there
and walk around the front and back to see the outside, and then go with her
Friday or Monday to see the inside.  Jake and I just hopped in the car and
checked it out — it’s 3 houses right on 65th, and then 5 at the back of the
lots, backing up against Peabody Lane (sort of a nice alley).  I’m working
at home Friday, so will make a plan with Diane to go see it.

The houses themselves are a mix of single family homes and cottages — look
like older construction, but would need some TLC to find their original
charm (and some may not be that charming at all).  Hard to tell which are
two liveable levels, and which are one level, above unfinished basements.

So, can any of you go see the outside in the next few days or, better yet,
come on Friday with me and Diane?  We forgot to take pix tonight, but I can
take some on Friday.  I’m not sure everyone will go for it — the
neighborhood’s more urban than residential and the houses look like they
could use some love.  But, the uniqueness of the set-up, the potential for
each house to bloom, the central location, and the price, may be just

Jake, anything else to add?