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East Bay Cohousing Opportunity

You are invited to an open house...

Sunday, November 5, 2006, 2:00 PM

Dimond Cohousing Potential Site
3000 Nicol Ave. Apt. 1 and 3
Oakland , CA 94602

you are invited to come and celebrate community at this open house:
To turn this apartment building into a cohousing community in the
next 6 months!

Yes, the building is still a diamond in the rough: still needs to be
made beautiful - with your ideas! Please come and look at the inside
of the townhouses, and the possible
common space.

We'll have delicious refreshments and scintillating conversations
about cohousing!

So, i have this fantasy....

ask the people who know me: my fantasies tend to be good ones. and
they tend to come true. and they tend to include plenty of people. and
those people tend to be very happy!

this is a fantasy about living together with the people we enjoy - but
not too close together: close enough to have fun together easily
without driving or planning way ahead. but still have your own house
that is all yours and is private. you can keep your very own kitchen
as clean or not clean as you like. you will not be cleaning anyone
else's bathroom, or fighting over who does. this is not intentional
community, it is not a commune: it is an intentional neighborhood.

i would love to have my own completely normal house to live in, to
work in, to be solitary in. and then, whenever i feel sociable, walk
outside into the common courtyard and hang out in the hot tub, at the
picnic table, by the barbeque. catch up on how a friend's
day is going, on news about cool things going on in the larger world,
join the cuddle puppy pile in the common house living room, trade a
massage, .
would you love to have a house like that too?

* a cohousing community!
* a special alternative co-housing community for all of us who love
community, dance, art, compassionate communication, burning man, HAI
[Human Awareness Institute] as well as financial stability and
security and wise investment.

sounds too good to be true, doesn't it:
and yet: we can really do it right here and right now!

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