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The Values behind Triple Point.

We conducted a visioning processes where everyone wrote down their concepts of home, community and life. The post-it notes and ongoing synthesis of this exercise unfolds and evolves.

We are committed to acting with integrity, responsibility, and accountability in our dealings with each other and the larger community.

Dependability, Accountability, Responsibility, Integrity, Stability, Social equity (time invested as a group) is a priority [maybe this goes somewhere else?] (1st draft, Kim)

We aim to create a home where, over the years, we develop traditions, celebrate rituals, and happily grow old together.

Tradition, Growing Old Together, Home, Diverse expression of common values, Recognize the intentions are different from values (1st draft, Kim)

Sustainability – We strive to live healthy lives in abundance and without comprising the integrity of future generations to meet their needs.

Mostly Green, Green Living and Building, Simplicity (less stuff, shared meals), Sustainability, Lazy Abundance, Environmental Consciousnes, Sustainable

Evolution – We accept that triplepoint cohousing will be an evolving entity, that change is inevitable. We intend to be positive and open towards new ideas, to re-examine old ones periodically to ensure they still are meaningful, and to be always actively initiating improvements to the quality of our lives.

active, energy, evolving, keeping motivated, improving quality of life always (1st draft, Megan)

Sharing – Triple Point Cohousing was founded by friends, and the principles of friendship, particularly open sharing, are some of our founding principles. With openness, respect, and cooperation, we foster the sharing of our things, our homes, our yards, our brains and our hearts.

cooperation,my casa es your casa, open sharing, sharing in life’s important events, share feelings, sharing brains to support growth and learning, shared learning (1st draft, Megan)

Physical Aspects of Triple Point Cohousing – Our community environment is born out of resourcefulness and creativity in an effort to create comfortable spaces that support and reflect our selves, our community and our neighborhood

beautiful creative environment/surrounding, shared veggie garden, neighborhood accessible orchard, ghetto fab- high design with resourcefulness, hot tub, neighborhood bulletin board, library, chickens, goats, cats, dogs (1st draft, Curly)

A place where the kid in each of us can grow together and support each other, with our family and community, in safety and living life as a fun adventure.

kids feeling “at home” in each house; kids; kids – creative, supportive, safe, adventure space; kids grow up together; kid-friendly (but not neccesarily kid-centered); raise the next generation of responsible, functional freaks; family; feeling like a kid; family; support for family (and children) (1st draft, Scott)

A community supporting creative, functional, and fun projects, events, and pastimes.

work together as one community; working together; hanging out (outside of meetings); annual block party; schwag; shared resources (tools, etc.); creative synergy/output — music, amphitheater, business, dance, crafts, design, bands, literary; guests — speakers, helpers, eaters; dinner parties; co-housing community activities; share resources and knowledge; productive discussions; a place where people regularly share meals; shared resources; be social; where dancing and music are always welcome (within reason) (1st draft, Josh)

warmth. Triple Point Cohousing is based on trust and respect. We strive to create an environment that is supportive, compassionate, and nuturing.

(1st draft, Molly)
healthy living. Triple Point Cohousing encourages healthy living through continued and cooperative learning, active and honest communication, and balance. (1st draft, Molly)

We are a co-housing group that wants to extend it’s creativity and energy into the greater community that we live in.

Being able to help shape the greate community, Community Activism (Positively Focused), Think Tank – providing neighborhood solutions/pushing the envelope, cottage industry – living close to home with local economy, Oakland community activities, involvement with local planning efforts, bringing positive influence to greater community, effects more people than are in this room, traditional vs. alternative, positive & proactive relationship with our greater neighborhood community, progressive politics (1st draft, Jacob)

We are commited to sharing openly in a spontanious way of life, together, in the hope that we will effect the greater community around us.

Spelling help, French, Spontanious Interations, Not, Spaz, Noodles on our Back, FSM!; Community Identity, Working Together Towards a common goal,…nurture a functional healthy place for my mind…, explore alternative lifestyles of so-called coHousing, Decrease URBAN ISoLATION,HIVE collective(with 5 hexagons), SelfCritical(fences?), Social&phisical inter connections of of the two pods, Knowing what my neighbors are doing, A Landmark/keystone resource for the surrounding community/neighborhood, Supporting each other, Community sharing -labor -resources -lives -“loads”, A place where I can feel free to visit my neighbors. (1st draft, Robert)

We are responsible hedonists

music and freakiness, a group of people I’m confortable partying with >;-), fun, Conventional wisdom is questioned, Those who have trod the path of excess (and might continue to do so in a functional manner), alternate, freaks, FKO, experimental, communal, liberal alternate, tv night, parties, ??kots (1st draft, goolie)

We are prepared, and can take care of ourselves to whatever degree necessary

Depndable, prepared, a safe place to live, security (financial, food, housing, water), maslow’s hirerchary of needs (basic needs level) (1st draft, goolie)